We have got the most loved drink of New Zealand & Australia, to India.


People today lead a life on the fast lane. Everything has to be done on time, deadlines are forever looming large. Whether it is work, college, or home, we are looking to catch up with life today. So it is becoming increasingly common for people to take a little something extra to feel re-energized
V turned the Energy Drink market on its head, and has grown to be the #1 Energy Drink in New Zealand & Australia, by a freaking mile.
V Energy is the original. The iconic green can contains our distinct flavour and feisty guarana hit
V gives you the energy to take on whatever life throws at you, with the power of guarana at the heart of the brand and our product range

Our company

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1945 - 2018

IBA has teamed up with Frucor, which is renowned across the globe for creating successful beverage products for more than 70 years.